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September Writing Updates

I haven’t posted updates on my writing and events in a while, mostly because I’ve been waiting for some things to fall into place before I have any details to share. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, so here’s what’s up.

I will be attending Salt Lake Comic Con this year as a panelist. I have not, at this time, received my schedule. When I do, I will eagerly post it so you all will know where to find me. I’ll also be selling my books at the Xchyler Publishing booth in the vendor area, table Black 17.

A couple weeks ago, I signed a contract with Curiosity Quills Press to publish my novelette “The Armadillo’s Song” in a collection of work based on Steven L. Peck’s A Short Stay in Hell. This anthology, organized by James Wymore and Dr. Peck, is tentatively titled Windows into Hell. I’m extremely excited to be included in this work alongside some fabulous authors.

Currently, I have two short stories and one poem out on submission to magazines. My main work in progress for the near future is finishing up the novel-length expansion of “Curio Cay” (my steampunk novelette which came out in Steel and Bone this June).

Exciting things are in the works. Thanks everyone for all of your support. For anyone planning to be in Utah in a couple weeks, I’ll see you at Comic Con!

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