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Presenting Leading Edge, Issue 67 3/4

Leading Edge, Issue 67 3/4 is live! My poem, “Dying Breath,” appears in this issue. To celebrate, today I wore my dragon and quantum duck t-shirt (the new logo for LE).

Leading Edge has prepared many BYU students for careers in editing, speculative fiction writing, business, design, and leadership throughout the years. My publication, “Driveless” (Issue 66), allowed me to qualify for affiliate membership in the HWA. When I was invited to submit a piece for consideration for this issue over the summer, I was thrilled. I love this student-run organization, and it is a pleasure to be included in their magazine once more.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas eve. Thanks to my friends, family, followers, and peers for your support and your enthusiasm in all the writing-related endeavors I’ve been involved in. Check out the magazine’s latest issue, and help out a great student organization!

The print version of Issue 67 3/4 is available here: And the Kindle version is available here:

For more information about Leading Edge, pop by their Facebook page: Or their website:

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