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Dave Butler’s Table at Salt Lake Comic Con

I will be at Dave Butler’s table selling Maladaptive Bind and “Blood Oath: An Orc Love Story” at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend. Want to know where the infamous Dave Butler’s table will be located at Salt Lake Comic Con? Below is a map of the Artist Alley near the public entrance to Comic Con as taken from the roster (click image to see larger). Dave Butler’s tables are Yellow 38 and 39–where I’ll be, along with Angie Lofthouse, David West, Scott William Taylor, Scott Tarbet, Nathan Shumate, Jaleta Clegg, Sara Butler, Craig Nybo, and more. Come say hi, and buy our books! 😉

(map image was lost in transit from hosting platforms)

Want to know more about what panels I’m on this weekend? Check out my schedule under the Events tab here on Slithers, or browse the official Comic Con schedule for panels under the Panels tab, Panel Schedule.

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